Quality Control

Begwani Global is a certified merchant exporter of Indian Agro products. For us, quality is not a mere act but a habit. ‘Make quality a way of life’ is the perspective of our organization where we follow stringent quality control measures to deliver outstanding products to our customers.

We are a quality conscious organisation and rigorously follow policies and procedures to meet the international standards. Lean operations and data driven processes define the methodologies we deploy for streamlining the entire export process. For us, quality means doing it right even when no one is looking.

We follow strict quality norms at every level right from sourcing till finally exporting the products. Every step of the process is continuously monitored to maintain the quality standards in sourcing, storage and export. Every product is equally important and inspected properly to ensure that only quality products form part of the final shipment.


Small and marginal farmers form the backbone of Indian agriculture system. Being a minority, they either end up selling their produce in the open markets or stay dependent on the local agents for selling their produce.

At Begwani Global, the endeavor is to have a positive impact on marginal farmers by allowing them to access the advanced infrastructure and independent markets to give a boost to their revenue.


To ensure quality standards are maintained, the products exported by us undergo inspection, not only at one level but at different levels. Our quality analysts are always on the go to check the quality of the products at three macro levels:

  • The first level of inspection is carried at the farms, before the crop is finally cut. This is to ensure that no rotten or bad quality product is loaded and taken to the storage facilities or warehouses.
  • The second level of inspection is conducted before the products are unloaded at the storage facilities or warehouses much before it is finally packed to be exported to respective countries.
  • The final inspection happens at the storage facilities or warehouses before it is loaded on to the containers for final transit.

There is much more to what is included in our inspection process that involves both human as well as non-human assets.


Every product to be exported needs to pass through a number of diverse tests conducted by specialized institutions. The tests and relevant reports vary as per the country it is to be exported to. All the tests are carried out at NABL accredited laboratories to comply with the basic export requirements.

Internationally Certified Laboratories

The laboratories approached and used for testing our products for export are internationally certified. This ensures complying with standards and quality requirements at international level. All the testing is conducted at NABL accredited laboratories and ATIRA for cotton.

Specific Test Performed Test Method Specification against which tests are performed Range of Testing /Limits of Operation / Limits of Detection
(i) Micronaire ASTM D 5867-95 (i) Upto 8
(ii) Length ASTM D 5867-96 (ii) Upto 40 mm
(iii) Length Uniformity ASTM D 5867-97 (iii) Upto 95%
(iv) Strength ASTM D 5867-98 (iv) Upto 50 g/tex
Short Fibre % STP/PT/Fi/1 Upto 50%
(i) Neps/g ASTM D 5866-95 (i) Upto 1500
(ii) Neps Size in mg ASTM D 5866-96 (ii) –
(i) Length STP/PT/Fi/2 (i) Upto 40 mm
(ii) Fibre Fineness(mtex) STP/PT/Fi/3 (ii) Upto 315 mtex
(iii) Maturity Ratio STP/PT/Fi/4 (iii) Upto 1.1
(iv) Immature Fibre Content (%) STP/PT/Fi/5 (iv) 10%