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We are the Manufacturer / Supplier / Exporters of Indian Raw Cotton. Raw Cotton Bale is made up of raw cotton after processing, pressing and ginning. Gin process is done to clean raw cotton by removing moisture from it. Pressing unit generally press cotton lint and different size of cotton is made from it.

Farmer Sourcing

Small and marginal farmers are the backbone of Indian agriculture system. However, due to their small size, they are either dependent on the local agents or are forced to sell into the open markets.

InI as a part of its philosophy to ensure positive impact on marginal farmers provides access to its infrastructure and markets to maximize financial realizations to them. Some focus areas for support are:

  • Provide access to market for 100% of the produce (and not just for A category of fruit)
  • Share more than 60% of the value created through selling of the produce to the farmers
  • Ensure access to best-in-class inputs, know-how and technology
  • Ensure financial inclusion by helping them open bank accounts and start using banking facilities

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